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Visitors to the downtown area will now have the chance to hop on a golf cart and tour the sights with Explore Tidewater, the area’s newest tour company.

Marcus Pollard has been working on the project for just over a year, using his knowledge as a history teacher, his love of local and urban architecture and his background in historic district nominations to build tours in downtown Norfolk.

“I was looking for something fun and different to do,” he said.

He’d taken a similar golf cart tour in another city before and after doing some research on the tours available in the downtown area, he saw a gap in the market.

Right now Pollard offers two different kinds of tours with a third one in the works.

His Heart of the City tour takes people through the city’s sites and gives them a taste of what’s happening around them.

The Urban Architecture tour is dedicated to exploring all of the various architectural feats in the city, he said.

The third tour will be a history-centered tour called the 400 Years of Norfolk tour. He plans on giving those tours later in the summer months, he said. Pollard likes small conversation, something he picked up when he taught high school history and government.

Instead of piling everyone into a big bus and riding around the city, yelling out stops over a microphone, Pollard opted for a smaller, more intimate tour between 2 to 8 people riding in a golf cart around the city. His summer season has just begun and he’s already started booking for the month of June. Each tour will last 90 minutes and have about 15 different stops. The tours will begin and end at Nauticus and he plans on giving the tours year round.

To find out more information about pricing and booking a tour, click here.

Marcus Pollard