Send us a note and let us know how we can give a great ride or tour for you and six of your friends, or choose from one of our tours below!. A morning spent touring an historic neighborhood looking at different houses? An afternoon visiting local breweries? An evening tasting different local appetizers? A couple of hours touring the waterfront and a selection of sights that you choose? What sounds good to you?

Standard tours are $35 plus tax. Customized tours will vary depending up time and level of specialization.



Heart of the City Tour

A great tour for those who are new to the city or those who want to see everything that downtown, the NEON Arts District, and Ghent have to offer. Using the buildings of Norfolk as our guide, we will check out all the major sights, the waterfront, and exciting new city projects underway, covering as much of the city as we can.



Coming Soon: 400 Years of Norfolk Tour

Learn about the history of the city through its many existing historic resources including the Chrysler Museum, the Moses Myers House, the Willoughby Baylor House, historic Granby Street, the Douglas MacArthur Memorial, the new award winning Slover Library and historic Seaboard building, the USS Wisconsin, the old Norfolk Academy Building, the Wainwright Building, historic churches, and part of the Freemason and Ghent neighborhoods. Let Norfolk’s great buildings teach you about how it has evolved into the great city it is today.



Urban Architecture Tour

Visit the most notable architectural resources in the downtown area from the eighteenth century through the mid-twentieth century. Downtown Norfolk features several houses built in the late 1700s, former city hall buildings from 1850 and 1900, an 1840 Classical Revival former school, an 1859 Classical Revival Customs House, a 1913 Beaux Arts theater, a 1926 Gothic Revival former railroad office building, a 1934 Art Deco Courthouse and former post office, a 1943 battleship, and a 1967 International Style former bank headquarters designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. And these are just the buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places! Join us for an incredible tour through the architecture of Norfolk.

Please contact us about customizing your architectural tour. There’s far more to see and discuss than can be covered in just one tour!